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As a firm we offer a range of services which are tailored to our clients specific business needs. The services that the firm offers are focused solely on developing the human capital with our clients to result in improved business performance.

Executive Search
It is our philosophy that Executive Search should not be viewed or approached as being transactional. Through a professional approach our clients not only get the best person for a role, but those candidates who are not successful leave the process with a positive view of the business as well. Due to the very nature of search, the positive impact you can have on corporate image is both broad and deep.
Our consultants’ breadth and depth of relevant experience provide a solid platform for understanding critical business needs, allowing us to identify and recruit the market’s best talent for your organisation.

Executive Assessment
To succeed in business you need to constantly look to the future and not rest on your laurels. Executive Assessment is a business tool focused specifically on ensuring that the right executives are in the right roles not just for the current needs but also for the future direction the company is taking. TMH Partners offers a 360 degree approach to ensure that a balanced and transparent assessment of the executive is conducted.

Talent Retention
With the competition for key executives increasing, retaining these individuals continues to be a key issue for business. TMH Partners works with clients to identify and counsel the high potential and key executives to ensure that they are committed to the long term future of the company. The firm works with the individual and the client to ensure that agendas are matched, questions are addressed before they become issues and plans are formulated to meet the short, mid and long term goals of the executives.

Advisory Services
TMH Partners provides advisory services which are aimed at ensuring that the recruitment strategies and infrastructure reflect the needs of our clients and are seen to be adding value.

Executive coaching
TMH Partners have a strong track record in providing career advisory support to senior executives. We act as a sparring partner for executives who are looking for an independent voice when it comes to analysing and developing their careers. This includes giving insight into professional development as well as advice on how best to approach a move into internal or external positions.

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